Pixel Expo

Super Smash Bros WiiU Ranked Season 1.02

We at Pixel LOVE us some smash! and we are excited to share our love of the game with you! This Ranked 1.02 tournament is a sign of great things to come for Super Smash Brothers for Wii-U in Perth.

Entry Split: 50% Winner, 20% Second, 10% Third, 20% House

Competitors – $10
Spectators – Gold coin donation
Sign up : On the day sign ups.
Console: Wii-U
Basic rules are double elimination
Full rules – http://pixelexpo.org.au/ssb4-rules/
Stream – http://www.twitch.tv/pixelexpo

Time Table:
Entry for casual players and practicing opens at 5pm, sign ups start from 6:00 and first game will kick off at 7! Please be punctual! We won’t be waiting for people this time.

Some controllers will be provided, however it is suggested that you bring your own.

(also note that a 3DS is not an accepted controller)
Game City has delicious food and drink available for purchase throughout the event. So out of respect to the Game City we would kindly ask that no outside food or drink be brought to the venue.
If you are new to our tournaments or E-sports events or just new to tournaments in general, “Welcome!”. Here is the run down on what to expect:
– Everyone is very welcoming, so don’t feel intimidated! We have players attending of every skill level for you to try your best against. Feel free to show up early and have a chat to anyone!
– It’s not just a tournament, if you want to come down just to play with your friends or other attendees, that’s fine too!

Animation Quiz Night

Do you wanna be the VERY BEST, LIKE NO-ONE EVER WAS? 😀 Does your head for useless trivia need turning Inside Out, or are you more about the bevvies and chill life?

Whatever your power level, head on down to Pixel Expo’s second Quiz Night!

Whether you’re more into Disney or Digimon, Bob’s Burgers or Bakemonogatari, Avatar The Last Airbender or Angry Beavers, this Animation Quiz Night will have something for fans of everything digital, drawn and/or downright adorable!

With other rounds including Gen Knowledge, Science, Arts, Literature, History, Current Events, and our super secret HARD ROUND, there’s plenty for hardcore quiz aficionados and animation fans alike.

$130 for a table of up to 10 people.
Email events@pixelexpo.org.au to guarantee your spot as tables are strictly limited!!!

Individual tickets are $15 each.

There is an ATM on site 🙂

More information to come!

Player 2 Event

Here at Pixel, we’re all about connecting people; connecting our audience to tech news, and introducing them to new visual media we think they’ll love.

But in our tech-filled world, it’s sometimes easy to lose that HUMAN connection.

Introducing PLAYER 2, a new event focused on co-op and multiplayer gaming, so you can connect with other people that little bit more.

Bring your own Player 2 along – that cute Valentine’s date? A friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with? A sibling? – and receive a discount on entry 🙂
2 PLAYER ENTRY: 2 for $25

Plus, in the spirit of SHARING, we have a stack of prizes to share with you on the night!

– THIRTY raffle prizes given out in chunks of TEN AT A TIME on the hour, each hour! The earlier you arrive, the higher your chance of winning!

Wear your favourite gaming and animation cosplay, and have a chance to win SOLO (male or female leagues) CO-OP (pairs) or MULTIPLAYER (groups of 3+) categories!
Make sure you bring a printed photo of your character and fill out a registration form on the door for your chance to share in cosplay glory 🙂

RSVP on our Facebook event by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/events/169243770115899/

** Strictly 18+ Event **

Pixel Launch Party Video

We are Pixel.

Pixel are a team of fans putting together events to bring the Perth animation and gaming community together to celebrate local and international talent.
The Pixel Launch Party gave a taste of the Pixel experience to nearly 250 creators, developers, cosplayers and fans of all kinds. Our events this year have had a common goal- raising interest and funds towards Pixel Expo, the first west coast gaming and animation expo of its kind.

Want to get involved? Have an idea of something you’d like to see?
Check us out on Facebook
Email: info@pixelexpo.org.au
or everywhere with #MyPixel

Footage filmed at the Pixel Launch Party by ZazProductions: http://fb.com/ZazProductions1
Song by Sub.Sounds, find more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyDk8uFPUjM

2015 OPL Finals with AstroKerrie!


AstroKerrie was kind enough to film with and interview a bunch of her fellow cosplayers and attendees at the OPL finals she was invited to cosplay at! We at Pixel are stoked that even though she couldn’t be present on the night she still found a way to participate in our launch. Here is her awesome video, screened at the launch party for your enjoyment, and presented here for your repeat viewing.

Make it yours. #MyPixel.

Find us on facebook here:
Find AstroKerrie here:

Songs used:
Moving forward – Instalok: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnP92…

Yorlde comp stomp – Instalok: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pdn6W…

Footage by Astrokerrie and James from Sydney
Footage from the carousel HOYTS OPL final
Footage from The OPL finals
Edited by Zac

We are a non for profit organisation and this video if completely fan made/ for entertainment only. No money was exchanged and the video was done purely with the appreciation of the people in the video and appreciation for the respective artist as a fan.

Pixel Launch Party!


It’s here to make you think of all the ways that animation and gaming have changed your life and to announce a new project on the horizon that celebrates exactly that.

Join us in the official launch party of what Pixel is and learn how you can support it:

Pixel Expo Launch Party

Location: The Brass Monkey
Time: Sunday 9th August 2015, 5pm – 10pm
Cost: $10.

If Facebook is your social media of choice, you can follow the event here:

Pixel Launch Party!

But most importantly, come and join the party where we’ll have a handful of the best that animation and video games have to offer!

Cosplay competition – Judged by Perth’s Finest 

Show off your passion for cosplay and you can win sweet prize packs and the best cosplayer on the night will walk away with our first Pixel-branded trophy.

Gaming through the Ages
All night we’ll have a large selection of games from the ones that brought you great childhood memories, to the massive hits of today, and maybe some new favourites!

Celebrate the Creation of Animation

We’ll be providing a viewing of a hand selected titles made right here in Perth!

Welcome to Pixel Expo!

Pixel Expo is a brand new exposition being created by the team at Phoenix Animation and Gaming Events Incorporated, a not-for-profit group of fans that want to share their passion for animation and gaming with Western Australia and the world.