Pixel Expo


Pixel Expo will be Perth’s first gaming and animation exposition.  Our goal is to help stimulate this growing market by supporting and exhibiting local and interstate game developers and animators.

Pixel Expo hopes to expand internationally and eventually invite the best and brightest exhibitors, developers and animators from around the globe to the event.  This will assist local industry practitioners to make international contacts that will help them achieve their career goals.

What attractions will be at the exposition?

  • Screenings
  • Game Demonstrations
  • Panels and Workshops
  • Competitions (eg. video games, board games, cosplay)
  • Exhibitors ­ including local, interstate and international
  • Guests ­ including local, interstate and international
  • Local developers and artists demonstrating their work

In the lead up to the exposition, Phoenix AGE will be running a variety of ‘Pixel Events’.  These events will be used to help gather animators, game developers and those passionate about the industry together and help build towards to Pixel Expo.

If you would like to express interest in sponsoring our events or the exposition itself please contact sponsorship@pixelexpo.org.au